Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Twist on Dolls

I put out a post for some one who would like to be featured on Glazed Earth Favorites blog and the response was great! I could not choose just one so I chose two.

Designlab 443 is a freelance graphic designer from St. Louis who shows off her creations on Etsy. Designlab 443's tagline is "Making the world cuter one plushy at a time". As one of my favorites I chose "Itty Bitty Me Gnome". Using new and recycled materials these dolls are customized for you. Send in a photo and choose your colors and any other embellishments you may want: buttons, etc... Dolls are roughly 6" to 10" tall. For more of Designlab's Soft Sculpture's check out her Etsy shop!

Super Cooper Creations is headed up by a thirteen year old student from Illinois. Cooper uses several varieties of media when she creates. Her Etsy shop is filled with knitting scrapbooking, dollmaking and clay work. One of her favorites is "Pink Angel". This lovely doll is created with silk fabrics, organza and ribbon. Pink Angel's hair is made of feathers and her face is handpainted using colored pencils and markers. Doll stands 13" tall with a wingspan of 5".
To see more super creations visit her Etsy shop at:


  1. Thank you so much for choosing to feature my Itty Bitty me dolls!

    Tracy - Design Lab 443

  2. I love these dolls! I made some but painted the faces for my grandson. They are weird & wonderful!